VFD Based Solution and Energy Saving

VFD Based Solution and Energy Saving
  1. Broadly the Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) is used in industry for following application,
    1. Speed regulation as desired in the process
    2. Energy savings through variable speed control of Pump & Blowers
    3. Improved machine and components life through smooth motor startup

  2. Primetech Engineering offers the complete end to end VFD solutions for various Industrial applications such as Utility pumping requirements, Centrifugal Pump and Blowers, Cooling Tower Fans, Conveyors and screw controls for material handling, HVAC Control etc.…

    We provide the complete engineering solution for VFD which includes design, engineering, supply, installation & commissioning of VFD along with control panels suitably designed as per process requirement. Following are the services we provide,

  3. ● Detailed application study & data collection
  4. ● Prepare Technical Proposal with Cost Benefit Analysis
  5. ● Complete Panel with control scheme design
  6. ● Supply, Installation & Commissioning Support
  7. ● Field Trial with customer and handover
  8. ● After sales service support