Automation & Control System Engineering Services

Automation And Control System Engineering Services
  1. Complete Automation solutions for Process Plants and Assembly line from “concept to commercialization”.
    1. Prepare Concept Proposal based on Process study
    2. Detail Engineering for Field Instrumentation, Control systems & Automation requirements
    3. Software Development & Control System selection
    4. Commissioning, testing & trials
  2. Customized Automation solutions which can range from Standalone modular PLC’s with HMI to the total Automation Package comprising complete integration of overall processes and Information systems.
  3. Validation services for Pharmaceutical and Agro processing companies as per GAMP and US FDA regulations
  4. US FDA 21 CFR PART 11 Compliance services for Pharmaceutical and Agro processing companies
  5. Replacement/Upgradation/Revamp of automation systems in Process Plant, Utilities, Boilers, Turbines etc.