Level Measurement


As instrumentation engineering is the process of monitoring, gauging, analyzing and controlling process variables using various types of interconnected process control instruments, it has shaped itself to be an elementary component in the industry.

Primetech’s extensive collection of instrumentation products ensure improved production, quality management, workplace safety and cost effective solution in the process & manufacturing industries. Keeping the standards of products at par with the industry requirements, we at Primetech offer you complete field instruments solution

Temperature Measurement

In many production and process industry, the material temperature as well as the control of material temperature plays an important role. Depending on the type of material and medium used, different thermometers or temperature sensors can be used. Primetech offers the industry, a wide range of temperature measuring devices, temperature switches and temperature sensors, which can be permanently installed or can be used as hand tools.

Flow Measurement
Pressure Measurement

We are offering electronic transmitters, incorporating the micro-capacitance silicon sensor. The transmitters have a feature like compact design, high accuracy and performance, long-term stability. They also offer wide measuring ranges and provide a variety of diaphragm materials.

Nucleonic Density Meter

Nuclear Density and Level Meters (with Na-22 as the source) are exempted by radiation body for any approvals as the Radioactivity of the device is less than 1 MBq (less than 0.027 mCurie) and we have a high resolution patented detector to work at such a low radioactivity, an algorithm not achieved yet. This instrument provides a direct value to customer/end-user as this does not require regular audit report to be provided to radiation body by end user and also no training is required for installation and troubleshooting of the instrument.

  • • Preferred Applications: Liquids and Slurries
  • • Measuring Range: 0.4 to 3.3 g/cc
  • • Process Temperatures: Independent
  • • Process Pressure: Independent
  • • Signal Output: 4-wire with 4 – 20 mA/RS 485
  • • Gamma Source : Na-22
  • • Supply Voltage: 20 to 32 VDC/ 110 VAC/ 230 VAC
  • • Power Consumption: Max 8 W @ 24 VDC
  • • Hazardous Locations: Explosion Proof available on request
  • • Ash Slurry
  • • Gypsum Slurry
  • • Limestone Slurry
  • • Iron Ore Slurry
  • • Bauxite Slurry
  • • Lead-Zinc Slurry
  • • Coal Slurry
  • • Any kind of slurry with density between 0.4 g/cc to 3.3 g/cc
Analytic Instruments
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